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How to remove and replace fuel pump 2002 Mercury Grand Marguis.

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How to remove and replace fuel pump 2002 Mercury Grand Marguis. Two line type
Here are the directions to replace the fuel pump module on your Grand Marquis.Occasionally you can remove the pump without dropping the tank.Make sure that your gas is drained out first or you'll have a mess!

2002 Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis Workshop Manual

Fuel Pump Module


  1. Remove the fuel tank .
  1. Disconnect the pressure transducer connector on the top rear corner of the fuel tank.
  1. Clean the area around the fuel pump mounting flange.
  1. CAUTION: The fuel pump must be handled carefully to avoid damage to the float arm and the filter.

    Remove the bolts and remove the fuel pump (9350).
  1. Remove and discard the fuel pump mounting gasket.


  1. Clean the fuel pump mounting flange and the fuel tank mounting surface.
  1. Install the fuel pump mounting gasket on the mounting flange.
  1. NOTE: Tighten fuel pump bolts in a star pattern 1-3-5; 2-4-6.

    Install the fuel pump.
    1. Position the fuel pump in the fuel tank.
    1. Install the bolts.
    1. Connect the fuel pressure transducer.
  1. Install the fuel tank.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Scott. It confirmed what I feared the most. Drop the TANK! I was hopeing I could access it through the top of the tank by way of removing the rear seat or something. Thank you again for your help.
You may be able to access the pump from the front of the tank ,above the rear end .