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2001 mercury grand marquis: leak rain driver..rear seat

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I have a 2001 mercury grand marquis. Any idea on the common areas that leak rain in? my driver/front floorpan had 1/2 of water in it, the passenger/front undercarpet insulation was the same and both rear seat floorpans carpet insulation is damp.
The most common are alomg the door seals and the body seam along the front cowl were the wipers are. To find you will need to remove the carpet and and let a hose run over different areas of the vehicle to look to see were the water is coming in. This is a tedious job due to water will run down a channel and look like it is comiing in somewere it actually is not.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Can you point to any service bullitens offered by Ford for water leaking into the cabin? The floorpans are all corrogated with ridges and channels in the metal. Can my leak have a single source?

yes you could have a single leak in the windshield area causing the water to run down the firewall and from there it will follow any contour of the floor pan.


I do not remember any specfic bulletin from Ford on this but if you give me the VIN I will run it and see if any show up.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Here's the VIN 2MEFM75W51X662114, let me know what you find
There is no known issues but another thing to look for is that the ac drain is not plugged and causing the water to leak inside instead of draining out to th eground. When the car is park with the ac running on a hot day you should see a puddle of water under th epassenger side of car around the front. Check and make sure that the drain is open. if it is stopped up take a coat hanger and gently push it up the drain to clear it out be careful not to push to hard.