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99 Cougar, help me find my Transmission ID /Type Want to

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99 Cougar, help me find my Transmission ID /Type?
Want to find a used transmission for my 99 cougar. But seems there are a few different type with ID's out there.
V6 Engine, Auto, Year 99 VIN: 1ZWFT61L0X5752560

Some choices I was offered:
A.T., 6 cyl (2.5L), ID F83P-CA
A.T., 6 cyl (2.5L), ID F83P-CB
A.T., 6 cyl (2.5L), ID XS7P-AA
A.T., 6 cyl (2.5L), ID XS7P-AB
A.T., 6 cyl (2.5L), ID F83P-CC
2 days ago - 2 days left to answer.

Hello Karma,


I'm Chris, Thanks for stopping in here at Just Answer to ask a question.


You will need to look at the ID tag on your trans to get the correct model


Here are the 2 models which are compatable with your vehicle.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

So its not possible to know by the VIN number?


And where do I look for the ID it something that I can find myself or is it only possible my a mechanic, done at a garage. ?


I really want to know what my ID is as I have option to buy from ebay and take to a local mechanic here.



The vehicle is to old to use the vin# XXXXX HVBOM so I cant tell that way. There are only 2 available transaxles for this vehicle per Motorcraft. The tag should be on the trans top side or on the rear sides if it has not fallen off yet.
I have not heard back from you, so I assume you are needing more assistance on this matter, if so please do reply so I can finish this question. My goal is to have nothing but satisfied customers.

Thanks Hope to hear from you soon, Chris

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i am sorry I had to leave city for some work....okay got back today and wife said that the engine light is on....took it to mechanic spent $100 and its a P1744 , P0420 code....
mechanic wants to go with a rebuild from day one., he doesnt yet know (or dont want to tell) what exactly the trans ID in Canada with taxes it will cost me $2000 is worth $3500 given its only 100k Miles....

Any suggestions? I still dont know what trans ID, so no used part.....and now I got engine light on...

Also, interestingly, one of my friend suggested to check the trans oil, and it was significantly low....then we looked at my drive way and there were some big stains (red) we added some trans oil..and voila big improvent..I would say about 70%,...only the first gear shift takes lot of rpm (upto 7k-8k) to change (and this makes city driving a pain)...other gears are pretty smooth.....shud I go with a trans flush + add some leak stoppers....

also, heard somewhere that these trans (c4de) same in sable have shown big improvment with a trans go kit installed....i have no clue what this is!

I do tend to research but dont have guts to open the whole thing apart.........I would appreciate your feedback and gut feeling on this ..........

My personal feeling is to change the fluid twice by draining and filling it and doing it once again and sell it as is. The car now is not even worth 3k so whatever you sink in will not pay you back. The taurus and sable use a different trans. The only other vehicles which use this trans are the probe and escape and contour and mystique. Personally at this mileage I would not overhaul it but replace it with a factory reman, if you were planning to even fix it. Never add a shift kit or stop leak to a trans.
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