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99 Mercury cougar: v6..alternator..i fried it jumping it

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I have a 99 Mercury cougar with a v6. I just replaced the alternator. I also had to replace battery because i fried it jumping it. The car drove fine yesterday but today it died as if it wasn't charging. I put battery charger on and when charged drove home fine. Do you know why alternator wouldn't charge battery?
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My name is Vladimir.
It sounds that you have fried a 175A Mega Fuse that protects the +12 power wire between the alternator and the battery.
This mega fuse is located behind the engine, near the firewall.
Unfortunately I can not find a picture of its location, but you can trace the thick wire going from the alternator and you will find this fuse. There could be a black plastic cover, protected it. Disconnect the battery when you replace it.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I couldn't find the megafuse and also the local parts house didn't have alisting of that part. When u turn the key over all the electronics on the dash light up as if eveything is fine but when u turn the key it clicks.a few times and then just stop as if it was dead. I called a local garage and was told it sounds electrical and to connect a shop that does electrical work. So the car is just sitting in drive , I am getting repair manual tomorrow and will take it from there.Thanks for your answer but not sure it was right one.
Thank you for the "accept".
I do not think that your repair manual will help you finding the fuse.Charge you battery with an external battery charger, this will allow you to start you car and drive some short period of time.
Use a test light connected to ground and probe the thick +12V cable at the alternator B+ terminal ( it is secured by the nut). There should be +12V power and you test light should glow, if it is not, find the fuse I mentioned before. Just trace this cable down and you will find a black rectangular box ( I suppose it should be near the ignition coil area), remove its cover and you will see the fuse that is secured by 2 nuts.
Ask for this fuse at your local dealer shop or purchase it via the internet : LINK .
Let me hear about the end of this story.