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2004 mercury monterey: once runnig..crank, but it wont turn over.

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2004 mercury monterey, once runnig, if you shut it off, it will not start again. it will crank, but it won't turn over. it has happened dozen of times over the past year, and i have tried to keep track of the sequence every time. there is nothing that stays constant. it can have run for 5 minutes and not start back up. it can have run on a 5 hour trip and not start back up. the point seems the engine temp doesn't seem to have a bearing. once stopped, it can take 5, 15, 25 or even 45 minutes for it to start again. Hell, it can just start right back up sometimes, too. over the past 6 months, It seems to happen more frequently. it seems like everytime you go somewhere. the dealer has looked at the codes. they have replaced the keys twice, the ignition once. that is it. they won't just throw things into it and try to solve it. i can't always have it towed right after it happens, i.e. child in the car, it is a weekend, i am away on vacation. any advice or thoughts would be g
Unless the problem is occuring currently,and can be diagnosed right then,it is very difficult to pinpoint the solution with 100% accuracy. Otherwise,it is all a best guess situation based on the history of cars with similar conditions. My best guess is a sticking starter solenoid,which is mounted on the starter.I would replace the starter assy. I am a little surprised they (Ford) has not tried this already. Mark
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