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I have a A Class 140 2003. It has been giving me the F... It

Customer Question

HI Paul I have a A Class(###) ###-#### It has been giving me the F... It will start but wont drive off. When I took it to the Merc garage, they said it was due to a weak battery but also said that the starter may soon need to change. I changed the battery and it seemed fine when I drove it off -ewhen I got it back home, the next morning, it was showing F again. Then I remembered that a few weeks back I noticed that the F only appears in the morning - by the afternoon it starts fine. I live in a valley and there is dew in the morning - could something possibly be exposed and shorting in the morning.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

Hi im kevin have you had fault codes read from gearbox ?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
As far as I know, yes they did check. I suppose you should know that the model is semi - automatic. Stick shift but no clutch. You should also know that over the summer the AC drain withered and water started leaking into the battery/fuse compartment soaking all the fuses and surrounding the battery (2 inches high) with water-the F started from then really - the drain has been repaired.
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

Ok this is likely your issue .the codes that were in the system would have given them the indication of a voltage issue .so the next step would be to go through and try to clean all the connections that got wet with some contact cleaner to attempt to right the issue

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I did do that, fuse by fuse. What I can't understand is why it gives an F in the morning, and by the afternoon it's fine. I observed this about 3 times before I noticed the pattere
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

I cant explain this .does it matter how long its parked up for ?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
As I said, I live in a valley and there is dew in the morning - (which I would think would condensate by the afternoon)...I remember in older cars (like old fiat) if the contacts to the starter got damp, the car wouldn't start. It's just a silly guess, but could this be a similar problem? - might there be something in the engine compartment that is shorting due to overnight damp?
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

Nothing in there should cause this issue ,certainly not with damp in the air .i believe its more likely that the voltage is dropping off during the period of time the car is parked .i woukd really need the faukt codes to go further with an accurate direction to repair

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
eBut I don't see why the voltage would then be sufficient by the afternoon? I will be taking it to the garage again on Monday (if it starts in the morning) and Ill be sure to report what the faults are...(I usually never ask them) In the last report they wrote 'Diagnosis performed and many faults are coming due to weak battery - battery replaced but starter sometimes does not engage (I know starter has to be replaced).
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

Ok this is ok but starter wont cause your issue .if you can get me codes i can assist further

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
will de
Expert:  Kevin replied 1 month ago.

I wait for your reply