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The check engine light came on and my service guy said I

Customer Question

The check engine light came on and my service guy said I need an intake manifold replacement. I have 93K miles on an SLK 300 - 2011. I plan to buy a new car in January. Is this a repair I can put off a couple months?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Ron Z. replied 8 months ago.

Hi! Welcome to JustAnswer. Thanks for coming! I'm Ron and I'll be working with you on your question today. Please give me a moment to review your question and prepare your answer. Be right back...

Expert:  Ron Z. replied 8 months ago.

Thanks for holding!

When there is a leak in the intake manifold, this is usually a case of the gasket that is leaking (unless there is a physical crack in the manifold itself). When this is the case, there is excessive air being pulled into the system. This will offset the correct fuel-air mixture which usually results in one or more of the cylinders producing a misfire, due to the incorrect air-fuel ratio. This can present with low power and/or lack of performance that will get worse as the leak gets bigger and adds more and more air into the system. Any sort of cylinder misfire will quickly damage other parts and sensors, like the Catalytic Converter and/or Oxygen Sensors. So, to answer your question- you "can" put the repair off, but keep in mind, over time, if not already, you will experience engine performance issues and run the risk of damaging other items than will then need to be replaced, resulting in a higher repair bill. This might be something you want to have addressed more sooner than later. If you're planning on buying another vehicle, having a vehicle to trade-in that has no engine performance issue will net you a higher value for it. So, in the long run, having the repair made will help you out there too. Please remember to leave a rating using the 'stars' or click 'Accept'. A 5-star rating is much appreciated! Rating or accepting my answer does not cost you extra.

Expert:  Ron Z. replied 8 months ago.

Hi! I noticed this Q&A was still open, so I wanted to check in and see if there was anything else I could do for you on this issue? Any other questions you had? Was there something you wanted addressed that I may have missed in my answer? Did you find my answer helpful?

Expert:  Ron Z. replied 8 months ago.


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