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Marty, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  Bosch Certified Master Tech. Over 35 years experience.
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Marty- I last talked with you on 6/14 about my shifter

Customer Question

Marty-I last talked with you on 6/14 about my shifter module. Replacing it was the only thing I could do and it restored the tap-matic function on my e320. (I left the damn sunroof open and it stormed - shorting it out.) Thank you!My next problems relate to what happened immediately following the replacement - relevant or not. I leave part of that to you.I picked up the car following the shifter replacement late on a Friday 7/14, headed to El Paso for a very important funeral. ~300 mi W of Midland, Tx. It worked like a charm. As is std procedure the battery should be disconnected when messing with anything involving the electrical systems. I drove to El Paso, Tx..Part way there I lost radio reception. I discovered none of the radio (proper) functions were addressable on the radio itself. On/Off didn't work. None of the other face plate functions worked. Balance. CD, etc. It would, however change stations and vol by the wheel controls. It was something I could live with for a while. I often drive with sound off... listening to the car purr.Not an hour later, I lowered the right rear window for ventilation - heard a popping noise. It would not roll up. I took it to the MB dealership in El Paso the following morning - Sat. They claimed the entire motor unit needed replacing - $450 +...and a weeks wait on parts.. They charged me "only" $150 to pull the door panel - graciously leaving it off so I could have it fixed back home. They wedged the window in the up position. It, and the radio remained that way until last week.Though relevant - and not - I am 65, on fixed income and decided I could live with the problems. A lady backed into me in a parking lot making State Farm liable. That was about a month or so ago. Along with fixing the RF fender I decided to have the window repaired. Their bid was acceptable so I ordered the parts (sans motor) - an upright and the offending clamp. I gave them the go ahead and split the bill. They were highly recommended by SF Ins.When I took it in last Monday the radio was as described above. Again, I picked it up late on Fri 9/23/16. Over cast, I didn't try the window and chose to listen to the car (as usual) over having the radio on. Purrs like a kitten before a fight. - punch it - it growls and leaps.. Love it!.The window would go down but did not want to go back up.. Neither the console or door sw worked.. UP. .After messing with the console sw, it did, finally rise. Inconsistent. 3-4 tries. Once I got it back up I was reluctant to try it again but the same thing happened. I was advised by the supv tech it was the motor unit. I find that difficult to believe as I know about DC motors. Down = no noise. UP = No noise. He is "checking into it". Today is Wed - no word. He recommended I buy a new motor and they'd replace it for free. I don't buy that. What's your opinion.? The door panel was reinstalled - looks great.Was - in your opinion - the battery disconnected as SOP? connections faulty?Further... the radio is not at all functional. Per the wheel controls I can get mileage, similar read outs but the only other display is TEL. I cannot get past it even using the TEL stalk control. Radio is functionally DEAD other than giving read out on the TEL. IT MAKY NO NOISE at all.. is not addressable by either wheel or face plate.
1. Advice on the window.2. Advice on the radio - does this have anything to do with the codes? .Do they need to be reset? Is this something they should have done as as rule? Was the battery disconnected?3. the mechanic who replaced the shifter is.... gone. Other than - possibly the radio - did a great job. Midland crashed when oil crashed. 2014.Midland, Tx is no podunk back water town. It's f***ing rich.. a dozen or more new Ferraris, Astons, Ford GT's ( at least 4-5) - Benzes # like VW's... Porsches, BM'ers and a jet port Don Trump. Jr flew into last week...unannounced for hi$ fundraiser.... didn't even make local news for 3 days.. Bush Jr's home town - AF1 in and out numerous times over 8 years. At one time we had 1 of 4 RR dealerships in Tx. We got Lambos, too. Quality isn't really a problem if you have the money. Mom does, I don't. So we can't really lay it off on shade tree mechanics. ***** ***** of Chaparral fame (60's) and Indy 500 winner has all of his cars displayed at our museum. No, Midland, Tx isn't home to dime for a dollar mechanics.All that being said... do THEY need to fix my radio? Is the window motor facing extinction - or is it connections - noting the drivers window is 100%. one would think with 129.3K miles it would be the first to fail = NOT!. Beautiful car that runs like a bat out of hell... spec mileage stats....I value your opinions. SN WDBJF 65 J 32 B 407064.Have a great day, Marty, I look forward to your responses. Paid in full upon response.Sincerely -
Les Gulledge***@******.***(###) ###-####
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 10 months ago.

Hi Les, first I would disconnect the negative battery cable for an hour then reconnect the cable and enter the radio code and see if the radio functions. If the radio does not work I would say that the radio is faulty. Fuse 11 in the fuse box under the hood and fuse 5 and 16 in the fuse box next to the battery should also be checked.

On your window, it sounds more like a fault with the switch than it does the motor. This is easily tested on the Mercedes scan tool. The operation of each switch can be checked on the scanner. If the switch shows that it is operating in both the up and down position then I would fault the motor. As you said, if the motor goes down it should also go up. You are just reversing the motor polarity when you raise or lower the window.

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