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Genchi Genbutsu
Genchi Genbutsu, Technician
Category: Mercedes
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I an reading "Mr. Mercedes" by right now. A 2004 SL500 12

Customer Question

I an reading "Mr. Mercedes" by ***** ***** right now. A 2004 SL500 12 cyl model is an important part of that book. A woman is supposed to have left her electronic key "in the slot" in the car and so it was stolen. I own a Mercedes so I know thats impossible. Or is it?
Did the 04 S class have the keyless entry that the new Mercedes have? The internet does not seem to provide this information readily. Is there info on this. It goes to show iwhether or not ***** ***** really did his homework.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Genchi Genbutsu replied 1 year ago.

No, you are correct and may have been a "slight" oversight by the author on his part. The 2004 model if it have a V12 (6.0 L 604 hp (450 kW)) would have been called a SL600 or limited-production SL 65 AMG. The 2004 SL500 did have the smart key but would not have the V12 engine.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It also says that a secret device stole the code when the key was used then let the thief in to the car. Is that possible? Can the keyless entry system be hacked?
Expert:  Genchi Genbutsu replied 1 year ago.

Theoretically maybe by some organization like the NSA or MI6 (British) possibly working in conjunction with the manufacturer. That would definitely be possible. The code that is sent from the keyfob to the cars immobilizer system is whats need to be captured and then decoded for it to work. And I wouldn't be surprised if there ware some wort of "Master" code that is known by vehicle manufacturers. Here is an interesting video to watch...

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