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Lou P. master tech
Lou P. master tech, Mercedes Technician
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Mercedes GLE400 4 Matic: 2016 Mercedes GLE400 4Matic. One of

Customer Question

2016 Mercedes GLE400 4Matic. One of very first production vehicle after model change. Now 7000 mi. Dealer checked for wheel balance and correct tire pressure. From the very beginning, noticed wheel vibration at 65+ mph on smooth freeway surface. Took to dealer twice and they say there is no vibration problem. Who/how can vibration be checked objectively?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 1 year ago.
Hello , vibration issues are the hardest to work with over the internet but i can try to assist., when the vibration happens how do you feel it? steering wheel? seat of your pants? does going faster make it better or worse? does braking affect it?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not on steering wheel. Seat of my pants. Vibration starts above 65 mph and does not change at higher speed (have not gone over 75). Braking does not affect it. I have taken it to the dealer twice. Work order states, "test drove vehicle and found slight vibration at freeway speeds. Performed tire rotation and balance as needed...found vehicle to perform as designed at freeway speeds." Vehicle's vibration is the same as when I had taken it in the first time. The road surfaces driven is covered in black asphalt over concrete. All interstate freeways. I currently drive another Mercedes and Lexus over the same surface with no vibration. The vehicle is 4-wheel drive. Does it make sense to insist the dealer to perform an off-car electronic spin balancer test?
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 1 year ago.
well if there story stated that they rotated and balanced then they most likely did that, BUT there is a special balance machine called a road force balancer that does a few more different measurements that a standard balance machine does not,. it appears in the same story they confirmed a vibration and then stated that it was normal, that does not jive. what you can also do is tell them to let you drive another of the same car and see if it does it as well and also swap wheels and tires between the 2 to verify , that is the route i would take if the car came into our shop. i hope this makes sense.