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Lou P. master tech
Lou P. master tech, Mercedes Technician
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S500: The EPC and ASR indicators lights come on and at the

Customer Question

The EPC and ASR indicators lights come on and at the same time the low fuel indicator light will flash. If I shut the car off and re-start the lights go away. This has happened at different times : when making a turn, after letting up on the brake after a stop; and when driving. Can you tell me what this may be.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 1 year ago.
Hello, when the warning lights come on does the car act differently?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not significantly. I did noticed less power and once or twice it was like the car "backfired" and "jerked" a little.
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 1 year ago.
ok, thanks for the reply,. so the epc and asr together tells me that there is a issue with the throttle body , its electronic so when you are pressing the gas pedal you are pressing nothing more than a sensor and the sensor tells the ecm what percentage to open the throttle, if the throttle cannot attain a certain opening or if the readings do not make sense to the ecm then it will limit the cars power as a safety, and also the warning lights will come on, so what needs to happen now is you need to have a code scan done on the car with a mercedes capable scan tool called a star diagnosis machine, it can read the codes stored in the engine control module and also the diagnostic module , if we do not have the codes then i cant say 100% what the issue is, but at lease you have an idea of what is happening, the low fuel light flashing at the same time is a little weird, you may have more than one issue, the low fuel light will flash if there is a leak in the fuel evaporation system, so i wouldnt be surprised if you have codes for that as well. so when you get the codes read you can return here and i can assist with what i think the issue could be unless the codes are read at a shop then they would most likely be able to advise on the next step. hope this is helpful, i would get it done sooner than later as if it totally fails then you will have to have it towed which will obviously raise the expense. ,let me know if you have any more questions i will do what i can to help, Lou P. Please take a second and click the stars at the top of the screen to rate me so i may receive my credit , 5 stars is ideal , please request me in the future.Keep in mind then when you rate it does not end our conversation. you can still return here to me for follow up information if needed, Lou P.