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When driving my Mercedes S-550 2007 the car does not have

Customer Question

When driving my Mercedes S-550 2007 the car does not have sufficient power to accelerate and pedal is stiff. After about a minute it drives normally. I have changed fuel filter, pump and serviced injector nozzles. I have changed gear oil and filter. After
scanning I have this error message < Me 9.7 Motor Electronics(###) ###-#### ***** 0064 Continuous cam shafts adjustment (LEFT)incorrect position of the exhaust cam shafts. 0506 Component A 16/2 knock sensor 2 left has a short circuit to the ground (P0332) as Stored
faults. How do i fix these.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 1 year ago.

Very often the 0064 fault is caused by worn balancer shaft gear. It causes incorrect timing due to longer distance of the timing chain between the camshaft. Solution for this is engine removal, balancer shaft gear and timing chain replacement.
So first thing to do is to check the camshaft timing. If it is off- balancer gear condition should be checked with endoscope. If the timing is fine and no gears are worn, camshaft solenoids should be replaced.

0506 code should be solved by replacement of the respective knock sensor.

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