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I need to if there's any tech. That can show me in the

Customer Question

I need to if there's any tech. That can show me in the wiring diagram the fuel sending unit.on a 2001 s430 mercedes. My fuel gauge shows it full when it's empty. Changed the the fuel sending unit also swapped a cluster and it shows the same.when I move
sending unit out gas tank it does the opposite effect. So in other words it when I move move the fuel level down it moves the gas gauge to almost full.and when I move it up it shows empty. So with the research I have done it must be ground issue but it seems
like I can't find anybody that has this kind of knowledge I don seems there knowledge poeple with this website.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Don 'Mo Lurch' replied 1 year ago.


sorry for the delay............
Greetings...... “Hi, I’m Don (aka MOLurch) and I look forward to helping you!”
Mercedes uses "Track Diagrams" you know how to read Track Diagrams?
They are a pain & can be complex
click Attachment below
I can post the Track Diagrams, but you would have to accept the "Offer for Additional Service" that I send

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