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I own a 88 560SL and have been experiencing several starting

Customer Question

I own a 88 560SL and have been experiencing several starting issues.
First, it cut off will running a would not restart after trying until the battery died. Had it towed to mechanic.
He checked the CPS and saw the line was loose and tightened it. Also saw the coil was not operating a peak performance and replaced it.
It seemed to run fine for a week. Then starting stalling while driving again. This time around, it would restart but, immediately stall again. I would sit a few minutes and it would restart and run fine (long enough to make it home). This exact pattern occurred on two more occasions.
So, took it back to the shop and they said it might be the fuel pump and replaced it with a used one but, the problem remained. So, they replaced the fuel pump relay. Ah, it seemed to work.
With a little more confidence, I started driving longer distances. Bad decision - after visiting several stores, I came back to the car and it would not start. I called mechanic and he said he would quickly look up possible causes. After waiting an hour, the car started right up and I made it home. After turning it off, I immediately tried restarting it - no go. The next morning, I tried starting it and it started right up. Called mechanic and he thinks it might be the fuel accumulator that's not holding pressure when the car is hot.
So, before taking it back to the shop, I wanted to test it to see if the car had starting problems only when it was hot. So, for several days in a row, in the morning when the was cold, it started right up - I did not drive it - just wanted to see it would start. It was beginning to look like the fuel accumulator was the problem. Today is Saturday and I wanted to test it more so, I started it cold and let it run for 15 minutes. Shut it off - it started right back up. Let it run longer for 1/2 hour - shut it off - started right back up. Let run for an hour - shut it off - would NOT start. Let it sit for hour to cool off - still did not start. Waited another hour - still did not start. It's 4 hours and it still will not start. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks, Bob
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 1 year ago.

Hi Bob, you need to have a helper crank the motor while you check to see if the fuel pumps are running underneath the right rear of the car. If the pumps aren't running you need to recheck the fuel pump relay. If the pumps are running you need to test for spark from the ignition coil.

Let me know what you find out.


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