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SL 600: - I own a black 1997 MB SL600 with a V12 engine.

Customer Question

Hello - I own a black 1997 MB SL600 with a V12 engine. The rag top would not raise or lower. The place I went to in Rogers, Arkansas filled the reservoir in the rear of the car with some kind of MB hydraulic fluid and the top wold raise and lower each time. When the top stopped working I checked the reservoir and it was empty. I am assuming that the fluid leaked out from the two seals that need worked on. I was told by the local mechanic who has worked on it here that MB recommends that if one seal goes bad then I need to replace all of them and that it wold cost me $5,000. Are you the folks who worked on this car? I am in the process of selling it and I don't want to spend another $5,000 on it for repairs.Do you know what these "seals" are and what it would cost to replace or repair. A fellow I know said he found 2 seals of $317 a piece. And if you do, could I bring the car up there ; I live in Fort Smith, and wait for you to replace or repair them? Thank you, ***** ***** (###) ###-####
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 2 years ago.
Hi Lindy, my name is***** it is a good idea to replace all of the top hydraulic cylinders once they begin to leak it is not absolutely necessary. If you are selling the car just the leaking cylinder could be replaced. There is a risk that other cylinders will leak before you sell the car but due to the expense it is not unreasonable to replace only what is absolutely necessary. I am in Florida but I know of two shops fairly near to you who can repair the top for you. I've posted links to their shops below. I've also posted a link to They sell remanufactured hydraulic cylinders that are superior to the original equipment cylinders at a fraction of the cost.
Let me know if you have any questions.