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C180: pete my car suddenly jerks and sometimes it does not

Customer Question

Hi pete my car suddenly jerks and sometimes it does not move well and sometimes it completely normal what do you think is the probable cause for this as i really have no idea what is going on and sometimes the acceleration just goes slow.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Hi,my name is ***** ***** I will be happy to try to assist you with this.I may need more information in some cases to help with answering your question.
One common component I have seen act up and can cause this here is the mass air flow sensor/air flow meter.This monitors and sends the engine air flow (the air entering the engine) signal to the engine computer.In return the engine computer then compensates with adding or removing fuel from the engine.If this sensor is sending erratic or incorrect signals this will occur here.
I have also seen the transmission torque converter lock up solenoid act up intermittently as well as the valve body in the transmission act up and cause similar issues.
To be sure though on which component is the cause here this will need to be checked into and tested further to pinpoint and repair the fault.This is best done by either a Mercedes dealer or Mercedes authorized repair center as they will have the best knowledge and tools to diagnose this properly.
Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was literally thinking it was the fuel pump or plug but i wanna ask do u really feel it not the fuel pump or an untimely plug failure??
Expert:  Pete replied 2 years ago.
Usually if it is a weak fuel pump the engine won't start or would be very difficult to start so I don't think this is the cause.The spark plugs are very common to fail on this engine due to high compression.If these have not been replaced yet I would start with these and see if the issue is resolved then.
I have seen in some cases a restricted fuel filter cause issues but usually this would be all of the time as well.
Thanks Pete