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Marty, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  Bosch Certified Master Tech. Over 35 years experience.
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560sl: Marty! You helped me last year on my 1987 560sl.

Customer Question

Hi Marty! You helped me last year on my 1987 560sl. I thought my problem was a temp related thing. After 40 mins of driving the car starves for fuel and pressing the gas pedal almost stalls car . Feels like it's in limp mode.
It happened again this weekend. And I pulled over and car wasn't hot at all. But I removed the gas cap slowly and had a huge sucking sound of air into tank. I then started car, up fine and drove again and I reached my destination in 10 mins. Having soft top put on.
The fuel pump relay has been replaced and I can hear the pumps and they have never been hot. Any idea what it may be?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 2 years ago.
Hi, it does sound like the motor is starving for fuel. I would suggest that you remove the fuel screen from the tank and inspect it for blockage. The screen can plug up with rust but it can also plug up with charcoal pellets from a ruptured carbon canister. Your description sounds like the flow from the tank cannot keep up with the demand from the pumps. You could remove the main fuel hose where it connects to the fuel pump and let the fuel drain into a 5 gallon can. The fuel should gush out of the hose from the tank. If the fuel flow slows down it would indicate a blockage on the fuel screen. Another possibility is that one of the two fuel pumps is failing.
Let me know if you need further assistance.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok i'll keep you posted. i'm not going to touch the fuel system and take it to my mechanic. I'll update you soon as to what they find.
Expert:  Marty replied 2 years ago.
Sounds good. I'll be here if you need anything.