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Lou P. master tech
Lou P. master tech, Mercedes Technician
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Marty, Thanks previous Help. It was the Strut

Customer Question

Hi Marty, Thanks for your previous Help. It was the Strut that needed to be exchanged. Car is up and running but SRS light is on...can't get mechanical inspection. Here my new question: Airbag system My cluster shows SRS system defective visit workshop.
Also a yellow SRS is shown on the side. Display shows a big Battery in red + Visit Workshop. Scanned and returned Fault codes are 9200 (the ignition circuit with component R12/7 (Right rear ETR ignition squib) has short circuit to ground.) 9077 (VINs in control
modules N2/7 (Restraint system control unit) and N73 (EIS [EZS] control unit ) are not identical. Rightward the test step for the Fault code is to be performed. 9078 The codes (national version, model series, body variant, engine model designation) stored
in control modules N2/7 (Restraint system control unit) and N73 (Electronic ignition switch (EIS [ESZ]) are not identical. 9079 (same as 9078) 907A (same as 9078) 91C0 (The ignition circuit with component R12 /6 (Left rear ETR ignition squib) has short circuit
to ground There were other ones too, but those according to the guy who did the scan didn't come up again ( 9103, 9103, 91c3, 9203,9200 and p20c2/ p2010) Could you please help me to find out what to do, because if I just bring it to the Mercedes Dealer It
will cost lots to find out and it was hard to get it in the last time - they first didn' t want to take it because it has been in accident. What else to mention I suspect my Auxiliary Battery might be bad. 3 side impact airbags deployed and have been replaced
side impact sensor has been replaced Airbag module has been replaced also not in accident but when taking out the old airbag module I forgot to unhook battery which I needed to turn key and move shift lever. - module got shot through this rear seatbelts locked
and have been repaired by a seatbeltrepair place Codes 9077 / 9078/ 9079 / 907A does it mean airbag module needs to be reset/ married to my car? Thanks, Ben
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 2 years ago.
Hello Ben , my name is ***** ***** you tell me if the airbag module was new or used when you purchased and installed it, also can you elaborate on "seat belt repair place" ? that does not sit well with me, let me know and i can give you the best direction to go in. Lou
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Lou, the airbag module I bought is a used one. According to the person, I bought from,
The donor car was fine - no deployed airbags.
the seatbelts I replaced are the original ones, but locked so I send them to a place where they replace the parts that triggered.
for example ...
Thanks, Ben
Expert:  Lou P. master tech replied 2 years ago.
Ok Ben thanks. Well the control module for the srs will need to be coded to the car or you will still receive the codes and the warning light. So first get it coded and then see if any fault codes return then diagnosis can be continued. But until then it is a waste of time for the technician and you to try and diagnose any circuits until the module is coded to the car. HOPEFULLY it does code as most units can only be coded once so keep your fingers crossed , you may have to buy a new unit. It has Been a while since I personally have done a srs unit and don't want to say for certain what outcome you can expect. Hope this information helps. The r12/7 and r12/6 codes may be faulty seat belt buckles or seat belts depending on what deployed. Those codes for the circuits could have happened from the key being on but not sure until the module is coded and coded erased. Again Hope this information helps , if there's any more info you need I will surely help. Sorry Marty was not available he must have been helping other customers. Please take a second and click the box and rate my service GOOD OR EXCELLENT SERVICE if you feel I have been helpful and please request me in the future. If you feel I have not been helpful please DO NOT RATE BAD OR POOR AND WASTE YOUR MONEY , I will opt out to see if another expert can provide more or better assistance so you're not wasting your money!!. Thanks for choosing just answer. Lou. also , if you feel i deserve one , BONUSES are GREATLY APPRECIATED ! 😉

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