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Mercedes sl500: need Eric . working on my Mercedes SL500and

Customer Question

HI need Eric . working on my Mercedes SL500and had a fuel leak so had shop look at it. They said it was leaking from the fuel pump sealing rings. They Replace the fuel lines and the accumulator. Now after the car warms up and sets for 10 it hard to start , I have changed the injectors and coolant temp. sensor. The shop said it injectors so put old injector in same thing. Hope someone can help me . Eric helped me before. Keith
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 2 years ago.
Hi Keith, if you are having a hot restart problem they need to check the fuel system rest pressure. If the system does not hold pressure for 30 minutes the fuel system will vapor lock and will be very difficult to start when hot. The accumulator is the most common problem but a bad fuel pump check valve could also cause the problem. If they did not install a new accumulator I would suspect the accumulator. It definitely sounds like it's not maintaining fuel pressure when the motor is switched off.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Marty, the fuel injectors have been changed,the accumulator has been changed. but the car starts ok when it is cold but when it sets after the car is at normal temp. It will start right away but if it sets for 10 mins. or more it floods. I know this because the plugs are fouled. Injectors are leaking. There are two fuel pumps on this car. thats all I know. Hope this helps Keith

Expert:  Marty replied 2 years ago.
The pressure test need to be performed to see if it is losing system pressure at rest. If fuel is dribbling out of the injectors when the car is off the problem would be with the fuel distributor.