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89 benz having trouble going into reverse. Can when parked

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89 benz having trouble going into reverse. Can when parked 7 years ago did not have any tranny issues. Runs poorly. Plan to do a complete tune up 0n engine. Replaced the bushing that had fallen out of the shift linkage. the problem seems to be locating the reverse gear. The reverse light comes on but it does not reverse and if you play with the shifter it catches the reverse and will back up. Individual wants to restore car in memory of deceased wife.

eurotec : Hi, my name isXXXXX pretty unusual to have the linkage cause this problem but if a bushing was replaced I would inspect the linkage to be sure it was assembled correctly. I would just disconnect the linkage from the transmission on the lift and manually move the selector lever on the transmission one click from park into reverse and make sure that the linkage falls into the bushing when the shift lever in the car is placed in reverse. The more common problem is failure of the reverse clutches in the transmission. If the linkage turns out to be ok I suspect you will find that the reverse clutches have failed or there is a pressure leak in the reverse clutch piston.

I have already gone thru the gears and find them to be fine. With first set of work to replace the fuel pump and filter it performed fine until that linkage feel down. It now make a grinding noise when going in that gear as if it was a standard shift. When it gets in the gear will back up and go forward.

eurotec : It sounds like the reverse clutch drum snap ring broke. It's a common problem on the 722.3 transmission.
eurotec : We are having trouble inserting pictures in chat mode but you can copy and paste the link below into your browser to see a picture of a reverse drum failure.
eurotec :

What are you talking about w/ regards XXXXX XXXXX leak in the reverse clutch piston.

eurotec : I am referring to a bad seal on the reverse piston in the transmission. If you are hearing grinding noise it sounds more like the snap ring broke and the spring plate came apart. Did you see the link for the picture I posted?


Full Size Image


I can,t seem to get that pic up can you try another form to get it to me?

eurotec : Yes I can post it here if we switch out of chat mode. I will need you to refresh your page in order to switch modes.
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