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Hello anyone, I intend to purchase a certified per owned 2011

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Hello anyone, I intend to purchase a certified per owned 2011 ML350 with approximately 36,000 miles, what are some of the pit falls that I may not be aware of when negotiating a Warranty from Mercedes dealer, is it true that the warranty varies with each dealer? Any idea what $ to expect, I want to keep the car beyond 100,000 miles so I want to cover as close as comprehensive.


Hello, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help you. If I am not online when you are, please allow me time to return. Are you looking at a 4 matic model, diesel, or just standard?

Customer: That is my cross road, hopefully one with traditional spring suspension , what was your reason for that question

My reason for this is that they each have their own set of problems. The standard model is the most reliable one. There are not many issues with the base model. If you go with the 4-matic you will typically experience problems with the differentials and the cv axles. The diesel models are very efficient, but there are some issues with the oil injection system.

Customer: (1) Which one is the standard model and which is the Base model? (2) 4matic or rear wheel drive which would you recommend ?

Sorry for not clarifying. The standard (base) model would be the rear wheel drive model with the coil spring suspension.

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