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C230 Kompressor: Have the code p0600 srial communication link

Customer Question

Have the code p0600 srial communication link malfunction 2003 mercedes benz c230, How can I fix this issue?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Auto Psychic replied 4 years ago.

Auto Psychic :

hi, i'll be happy to help you in anyway i can.

gary here, sorry to hear of your misfortune :(

i'm assuming your check engine lite is on and thats why you checked for codes, you then erased the code and it came back, did i get that right?

JACUSTOMER-siap1yq4- :

No, i didn't erase it . The car is running ruff at idle but when i apply the gas it go on ok.

Auto Psychic :

ok, i'm afraid the generic code readers arent of much help in diagnosing a late model mercedes.

a mercedes specialist with a mercedes laptop (either an sds or xentry) should be able to make short work of the diagnosis.

the generic serial interface code doesnt really tell us much.

good luck, gary

JACUSTOMER-siap1yq4- :

I know.That 's why I thought you all can helpme. I see not.

JACUSTOMER-siap1yq4- :

I know, I thought you all could help.I see not.

Auto Psychic :

bad service, ouch.

i really am trying to help.

it occurred to me that we may be barking up the wrong tree.

is it possible you have bad motor mounts causing a vibration at idle rather than a misfire?

po600 doesnt indicate a misfire.

what do you think?

JACUSTOMER-siap1yq4- :

I could brainstorm all day on possiblities.I'm reading " Sent to Mercedes Expert today at 4:20 pm. Do you really think bad motor mounts will give you a code? Thanx.

Auto Psychic :

i think its pretty clear i'm not going to be able to help you, sorry.

good luck just the same.


Expert:  Stan replied 4 years ago.
P0600 has absolutely nothing to do with rough engine running at idle.
Please check all of the pipes coming to the throttle valve for splits or cracks. Unmetered air ingress will cause rough engine idling.
Spraying the carb cleaner around suspicious areas can help- idle will stabilize or go up when it will get inside.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

By chatting with others to check for vacuum leaks.I sprayed the carb cleaner but stopped.Decided to used throttlebody cleaner instead.Hear carb cleaner is bad for the MAF sensor if it get inside. Thanks.

Expert:  Stan replied 4 years ago.
The leak, which can cause rough idle is downstream of MAF. So no matter what is sprayed, MAF sensor is not affected.
Please pay special attention to crankcase breathing lines as well.