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Mercedes-Benz e400: my 1992 mercedes e400 sounds like a helicopter

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my 1992 mercedes e400 sounds like a helicopter has no power runs very poor

eurotec :

Hi, what is the history of this problem? What parts have been replaced, if any, in an effort to repair the problem?


it just started to do this. i beleive it might be the air pump since it hasnt been replaced in ten years. also iam very good on keeping up with maintenance on the vehicle. any suggestions would help



i replaced the spark plugs and air filter recently


eurotec :

Hi, sorry for the delay I was away earlier. The air pump will not cause poor running or lack of power. Does the car seem to misfire? Does it idle smoothly and just have no power on acceleration?

Customer: It doesn't misfire. After you leave it running for a while it smooths out doesn't sound like a helicopter but then when you go up hills it starts to sound like a helicopter and has no pwer
eurotec :

Ok, as you can imagine it's difficult for me to pinpoint the problem without actually testing the car but I would suggest that you consider replacing the distributor caps, ignition rotors and ignition wires. These parts cause all sorts of running problems on this model. You should also have the exhaust system checked to be sure it is not clogged and also replace the fuel filter if it has not been replaced in the last 30,000 miles.

eurotec :

You might even have one bad ignition coil that breaks down under load.

eurotec :

Let me know if you have any questions.

Customer: Meineke thinks its catalytic converter???? Thank you
eurotec :

It's possible, I had mentioned that a check for plugged exhaust should be performed. If the exhaust is plugged the car will never have power. If the car has good power on occasion I would not think that the exhaust is plugged.

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