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Mercedes-Benz C280: I have a 1996 C280 Sport. I am having

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I have a 1996 C280 Sport. I am having several problems with Heater/AC and blower/fan on my ’96 C280 Sport.

First, with the vent set to come out the dash air vents or the floor vents, the AC will sometimes start blowing out of only the defroster vents.

Next, the thermostat has quit working properly; AC comes on so I turn the temp up to 90 to get AC to turn off. Back to 72 and heat stays on. I then have to turn down to around 60 to get heat to turn off.

Finally, this morning the blower fan started blowing on high and I couldn’t get it to turn down. When I parked and removed the key, the blower fan stayed on high. I started and turned off the car several times to no avail. I had to hunt down and remove the blower motor fuse to get the thing turned off.

eurotec :

Hi, your vents are vacuum operated. For the vent problem you are going to need to have the vacuum system checked for leaks. Any leakage in the system and the vents will default to defrost. On your erratic temperature control you are going to need to have the temperature sensors in the system checked. It sounds like you may have a fault in one of the sensors and the system cannot regulate properly. On your blower problem you have a shorted electronic blower regulator. When the regulator shorts out it causes the blower motor to run on high, even with the key off.


So, it sounds like I have 3 distinctly different problems. I was hoping this all led to a single problem. Thanks!

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