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2001 Mercedes Benz ML320: Want to do it myself.1).

Resolved Question:

How to change 2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 oil?

Bought used. First oil.change for me. Want to do it myself.

1). I know oil is fully synthetic Mobil 1. Is it best to use 5w-30 or 0w-30 or in between?

Change my own oil on all vehicles my whole life so generally knowledgeable. Also have a BMW 323ci.

Some forums recommend top side oil vacuum. Others suggest standard oil drain plug method.

For top side vacuum, exactly where would one vacuum oil through,
2). The dip stick line? Need very small diameter hose required for that, but it does go straight to oil pan bottom.

3). What diameter hoses for dip stick top side vacuum?

4). Or via oil fill cap opening (how would vac hose reach oil pan bottom)?

5). Please give basic steps for each if both are possible or give correct process if one is not a proper way.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Hipo64 replied 5 years ago.

Hipo64 :

Hi and Welcome to Just Answer! I am Pavlin, how are you?

Hipo64 :

I prefer to drain oil using drain plug, why, because siply using gravity, oil and all Engine internal combustion product that we do not want into the engine will be drained. this is what I think, and it does not take much anyway.

Hipo64 :

best is if you do is with hot Engine, so oil is light and most of it will drain. turn of hot engine and wait 5 minutes, then drain the oil.

Hipo64 :

Fill capacity fith filter replacement is 7.5L

Hipo64 :

sorry, I mean with filter

Hipo64 :

those are the approved MB oils, but Mobill-1 is good oil

Hipo64 :

as we are in the middle of winter time, I will recommend you go with 0w30 oil or 0w40 as it will have better viscosity when cold.

Hipo64 :

when draining the oil, let oil drain plug open for few minutes for maximum waste oil drain. replace drain plug coper seal and oil filter rubber rings supplied with new filter. tight drain plug to 30nm or 22 ft lbs and oil filter to 25NM or 18 ft lbs

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