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DBAutomotive, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
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Experience:  8 years experience as automotive technician, Mercedes-Benz Master Certified Technician
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Mercedes-Benz CL500 Active Body Control has come on in Red

Resolved Question:

Active Body Control has come on in Red saying drive carefully
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  DBAutomotive replied 6 years ago.

DBAutomotive :


DBAutomotive :

That red message is there to inform the driver that an error has occurred in the ABC hydraulic suspension system and is performing with the system partially disabled.

If the vehicle has sat for a long period of time sometimes the vehicle just needs to be driven. The fluid level of the ABC suspension should be checked. There is a reservoir for the ABC suspension is mounted to the left side fender well. It is box shaped and has a black plug on top that has a dipstick going into the reservoir.

Start the vehicle and run the suspension through its different ride heights, stopping approximately 30 seconds at each height. Set the vehicle to the normal ride height and leave the vehicle running. Going out to the reservoir check the dipstick and depending on the operating temperature of the fluid you should see the fluid between the marks on the dipstick.

Other than driving and checking the fluid level you have come to all you can really do without factory equipment. There are several components that have been known to fail and send the error message, valve block, hydraulic pump, pressure sensor. Sometimes it is as simple as a flush and filter replacement sometimes its more. The vehicle needs to be driven regularly. Driving the vehicle allows all the components to do their self checks, get new fluid and help prevent debris from building or components sticking.

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