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Auto Psychic
Auto Psychic, Mercedes Technician
Category: Mercedes
Satisfied Customers: 1437
Experience:  semiretired mercedes benz master guild technician w 4+ decades of diagnosis and repair experience
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Mercedes SL500: I get a fuse box diagram..convertible top..gas cap

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How can I get a fuse box diagram for a Mercedes SL500? I'm assuming it is a fuse problem because the convertible top and gas cap won't open.

Auto Psychic :

hi, i'll be happy to help you in anyway i can.

Auto Psychic :

2005 sl500 is a pretty sophisticated beast electronically.

Auto Psychic :

have you looked in the fuse box next to the light switch for a fuse chart?

Auto Psychic :

the hardtop and the gas flap are not related so i would guess you have a couple of problems, they may or may not be fuse related.

Customer: The problems I described, do they sound like fuse issues?
Auto Psychic :

have you recently had the vehicle jump started?

Customer: No
Auto Psychic :

for starters, just so you know there is a cable for releasing the gas cap near the gas flap behind the inner trunk liner. so you dont run out of gas while were sorting this out.

Auto Psychic :

i'm afraid theres really not much someone who doesnt know what he is doing and who has a mercedes dedicated scan tool at his disposal can do to help you.

Customer: Will try that. That's a big help!
Auto Psychic :

do you have a reliable independent repair facility nearby?

Customer: Will have to find one.
Auto Psychic :

contact your local mercedes benz club of america they can tell you who to avoid if nothing else.

Auto Psychic :

good luck,

Auto Psychic :


Customer: Thanks
Auto Psychic :

p.s let me know if i can be of any further assistance.

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