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fusible link..cylinder shaped device..alternator on a metal stand off

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What does a fusible link look like? I found a cylinder shaped device about 3.5cm long and 1.5cm in diameter. This device was located near the alternator on a metal stand off. Is that the so called fusible link. To me it just looks like a removeable junction plug. It appears to go into the main wiring harness and disappears under the engine somewhere. It won't come apart, un-like the ones inside behind the fuse kick panel.

eurotec :

Hi, I don't recall there being a fusible link on that car. Have you tried pouring a little fuel down the intake throttle body and seeing if the motor will fire for a few seconds?


I can get the motor to initially fire with the cold start valve but that ends in a backfire through the intake manifold. It's only me as the mechanic.I can not turn the iginition key and pour gasoline down the intake at the same time. When I try to do a restart with the iginition it just keeps cranking. No start/run action at all. I measured the voltage at the injector and discovered there was none only about 500 pulseing millivolts. I expected to see anything between 6 or 12 volts, whatever voltage the injector work off of.


I also checked #1 cylinder firing point in respect to the #1distributor rotor position and the TDC timing mark on the crankshaft. All appeared okay. I did try spraying some starting fluid down the intake but I think the cold start valve override my spray and than nothing again. Any other throughts or suggestions are welcome. Do you believe the ECM is bad or should I be looking at one of the sensors?

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