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Mercedes-Benz CLK 430 Hello . I need the radio code for my

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Hello . I need the radio code for my 2001 CLK 430 . It's a factory Bose and the screen says CODE with the C blinking and under CODE it says EJ after replacing the battery I can provide the VIN .

Any help would be appreciated !

eurotec :

Hi, if you post the vin number I can research your code later this morning.

Customer :

WDBLJ70G31F186422 Thanks !

eurotec :

Ok, I'll be at work in about an hour and will check it after I get in.

Customer :

Thank you very much ! Please tell me how to enter it as well .

Marty and 3 other Mercedes Specialists are ready to help you
Hi, your radio code is 61254. I've attached the procedure for entering the code below. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. And thank you for the bonus!

  1. If the radio is disconnected from the power supply it is not ready for operation when reconnected. After switching on the ignition and the radio the word "CODE" appears on the display and the letter "C" flashes.

NOTE: The five-digit code number for this radio is printed on the CODE CARD which you were given.

  1. Enter the code number with station buttons, e.g. number 1, station button 1.
  2. After entering the first digit the word "CODE" disappears and the digit entered is displayed followed by 4 dashes. The next digit to be entered flashes. After all 5 digits are entered, the first digit flashes again. In this state the code number can be written over repeatedly. A correction can be made only by reentering the entire code number.
  3. Confirming the code number: Press seek-UP/seek-DOWN or SCAN button. The radio switches on automatically and displays the station or frequency stored for station button 1.
  4. If the wrong code number has been entered and confirmed, the word "CODE" appears on the display again. After the code has been entered three times incorrectly the word "WAIT" appears on the display and the radio is disabled for approx. 10 min .

NOTE: The waiting time continues to run only when the radio is switched on.

  1. After expiration of the waiting time the word "CODE" appears on the display again and the correct code number can be entered. After 3 more incorrect entries the radio is again disabled for 10 min . After 3 more incorrect entries (a total of 9 incorrect entries) the waiting time is increased to 60 min . After 3 more incorrect entries the radio locks up again for 60 min .
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Many thanks !



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Many thanks !



All the best !!

Fantastic! I'm glad it went well :-)