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Ml320: my rear door is stuck..wont driving

Resolved Question:

i have an ml320 and my rear door is stuck on the open postition it literally wont lock i shut it close and it will stay open so i had to tie it down so no one will come n try to open it or when im driving itll open up. wat can i do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Marty replied 6 years ago.

eurotec :

Hi, when you try to close the door does it close flush and not latch or is the latch already locked and it is preventing the door from closing?

eurotec :

If the latch is already locked you need to use a screwdriver to try to pry the latch lever back around to the open position while a helper pulls on either the inner or the outer handle.

Customer: Hi yes its already Locked n won't latch I tried having someone pull on the outer handle while I try prying it back but no luck. Do u think it could possibly be stuck or broken?
eurotec :

I would try pulling on the inner handle and doing the same thing. It may help if you take a look at the other door so you can see how the latch rotates.

Customer: It's actually the trunk door I'm sorry I wasn't specific
eurotec :

Ok, It's the same idea just a little more difficult.

Customer: Ok so should I pry it back or push it around I tried prying it back but its really stuck
eurotec :

Sorry I was pulled away

eurotec :

The latch rotates and locks. I would try rotating it back. You might also try doing it while your helper presses the trunk release button.

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