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1992 Mercedes 190: key wont turn the ignition..steering is locked

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We have 1992 Mercedes 190 E 2.3 engine. The key won't turn the ignition, and the steering is locked. We have tried everything to get the key moving, it won't. (Tried vibrating, pounding, steering wheel shifting, etc.). It's sitting in our driveway. What now?
Hi, it sounds like the lock is just not going to turn. Most likely the steering lock has broken internally. In this case you will need to cut the steering lock in half with a sawsall to remove it. This is very common when the steering lock fails. You'll need to replace the steering lock and most likely the key and tumbler as well unless you can salvage it once the lock is removed.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The key locked before the steering wheel did. After 20 minutes of jiggling the key, the steering finally locked. Does this still mean that the steering lock has broken?
Most likely the steering lock was the problem all along. When you turn the tumbler you are rotating the mechanism in the lock. It is possible that this is only a tumbler problem but not likely. If you have more than one key and none of them work it's probably a steering lock failure especially if the keys work fine in the door locks. You can try ordering a new key from Mercedes if the locks are original but I would be too hopeful.
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