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04 C230 Kompressor: SRS light..a nominal and easy fix..trouble code

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'04 C230 Kompressor SRS light is on and will not go out. Never in an accident only 41K miles. what is the cause and is it a nominal and easy fix? unfortunately i don't have the trouble code readings. my email:[email protected]

A diagnostic scan from the dealer will usually be an hour of labor. A common SRS issue is the steering column wiring harness. There is a bulletin out on it and I believe your car might fall into the range of cars it applies to. You will have to remove the steering wheel and steering column module behind there to repair the wiring harness. The wires have to be cut and soldered in. Also make sure water has not gotten into the back seat area because the seatbelt buckle ETRs are located there. It is common for after a interior detail for water or other cleaning solution to get into seat belt buckles causing an SRS light. When diagnosing an SRS light, obtaining a fault code is almost an absolute must

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

According to the NHTSA there are app 11 TSBs for the '04 C230 Models. One is the SRS light. Will the dealer fix for free if it has not been previously been repaired before?


NHTSA state there can possibly be 2 trouble codes associated with the SRS illuminating; both escape me at the moment. Basically that 1 or 2 modules will have to be replaced. The car did not have any water or liquid spilled into the seat or any other compartment.


Is it something the mechanic can simply override the trouble code to turn the light off if there isn't a major issue?


If I were to buy and OBD scanner do you think it will provide me with the codes and what area is defective?


If I have to pay, about how much do you think it will cost to repair?


Thanks in advance for taking time to read carefully all of my questions and answering each.

The dealership will not pay for TSBs, only recalls. The mechanic may be able to clear the SRS light if the fault is just stored and was a fluke occurrence. Most likely this is not the case. If you purchased a scanner, it probably won't read SRS codes. Only highly sophisticated expensive scanners can read SRS faults. If you have to pay the dealership to perform the wiring harness updates it will cost about $500-600 dollars.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks. I'm accepting your answer. Payment will be applied. I hope it's just a fluke.


1. Do the SRS malfunction light normally occur in these vehicles?

2. Do you know of a company that provide service or extended warranty plans that you recommend?


Thanks again, promise these are the last 2 questions :-)