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my mercedes c200 w204 2008 has been involved in an accident,

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my mercedes c200 w204 2008 model has been involved in an accident, the car wont start now, the airbags have gone off, which consists of dashbaord, steering airbag, knee airbag, and seatbelts, the car makes a click noise when you turn the ignition but no sign of starting, the car doesnt crank or make any signs of cranking, checked all the fuses nothing blown, what could be the problem?
Make sure the gear selector can be read. If the transmission rod has come off and the car is actually in gear but the shifter is in park, the car won't start. Also the rear or front sam modules could have failed during the accident, as this is common.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

the gear selector rods ok as the car goes into all gears when its in ignition mode, also it makes a click noise when we try to start it, this wouldnt happen if the gear selector wasnt in drive.


We have checked the sams module fuses and all seems fine, do you think we need to put a new sams module in or change a specific fuse or relay, also do we need to change some airbag sensor some where in the car? we havent taken out the blown airbags yet,

There is a pyro fuse that disconnects power to the starter and alternator in the event of a collision. It is located in front of the battery in the plastic box where the jump spot is
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi we checked the fuse box before and there is no power going to the starter from the plastic box as u stated, do we need to change the whole unit or do we have to buy just that fuse? we spoke to dealers but they seem to not understand what we need.
It is the complete front prefuse box designated f32
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi we have installed the F32 fuse box, the car starts up fine


your welcome.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

hi, we went to reset the airbag on the same car, but getting 1 error message coming up on the star computer, its saying low resistance on the pyro fuse box, we installed a new F32 designated fuse box as you suggested, car starts and drives fine, do u think the srs light is now related to the F32 box? or could it be something else?