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2006 mercedes: amber check engine light and a red check engin light

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Is there a difference between the amber check engine light and a red check engin light ? I have a 2006 Mercedes CLK
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Ron :


The Amber check engine light come on when the PCM (computer) sees a system fault and when this happens the PCM will store a fault code.

The red engine light come on when the engine see no oil pressure .


Is the amber check engine light something to be concerned about ? A few weeks ago it came on and the dealership told me to start and stop the car 3 consecutive times and the light went off. If there was an ongoing issue, would the light have gone out ?

Ron :

Yes if there where an ongoing concern, the light would not go out or would quickely return. If the light hasnt returned, then you are ok.


Ok - just confirming before I hit accept answer...A month ago the check engine light went on - it shut off after I turned the car on and off 3 consecutive times. It came back on today - so if anything it would be a separate issue - right ? Would you recommend I do the same thing to reset it ?

Ron :

Yes it would reset it today and run it and see if it come back on, if it does, then you are going to have to have the system scanned, and the code retived which will tell you where the problem is.


Thank You !

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