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mbfixer, Mercedes Technician
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Black smoke..a little to much gas, i put new bosch injector..fuel pump

Customer Question

black smoke use a little to much gas, i put new bosch injector, 2 bosch fuel pump new bosch plug
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
hello this black smoke from tailpipe was this before you replaced these parts or after??? the first 2 items to test-check. you will have to adjust fuel mixture, this adjustment is normally done with a emission tail pipe tester or a volt meter. other part you need to test- check is the oxygen sensor. when the oxygen sensor fails (goes bad) normally the fuel mixture will go rich causing black smoke from tail pipe. if and when you adjust fuel mixture make small little adjustments. clockwise is rich counter clockwise in lean. real small turns. if you have turned the fuel mixture adjustment screw in full turns that adjustment would be way too much. also lets get rid of the platinum spark plugs and install super bosch copper based plug, the platinum spark plugs are too cold of heat range, i have always had problems when using these cold type of spark plugs, let me know how to help some more. steve.