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I have a ML320 1998 The ETS light is on, (Emergency traction

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I have a ML320 1998
The ETS light is on, (Emergency traction system) what are the possible causes?
Could it be something simple like a relay. The car is working fine but, the cruse control is not working either. I looked into this about two month ago and they are link in the electrical circuit, which is why I thought it might be a relay. Can anybody direct me to a possible fix.
I had a starting problem six month ago which turn out to be a simple fix.(cam shaft sensor took me fifteen minuet after six hr of research.
Hi there most traction control faults on the Ml are a problem relating to the brake lamp switch situated under the dash above the brake pedal its self. You should have the fault codes read with a scan tool or a Mercedes star machine to confirm the fault but the are easy to change and are about £10 to buy.If you have no access to a machine it would be somewhere to start. Cheers XXXXX XXXXX click accept if my answer has helped you.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What about the link to the cruse control and if not linked can you suggest what might be wrong with it. I ck the fuse.
Hi there again if the traction light is on the cruse control cannot function as it relies on this system to operate. In order to confirm the fault you would need the fault codes from the traction control unit but as I say the most common fault is the stop lamp switch Cheers Dave
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The statement made below asume that my car infact has a bad stop light switch and there are no other proble with the cruse control.
So just to be clear, if I replace the stop lamp swich, I will restore the ets system, the ets light will go out and my cruse control will work. I will not have to reset codes or anything eles right? Again, I realize that you are speculating on the ets light. I just want to make sure that there will be no need to use a computor to reset anything even if the fix is the brake light switch.
Thank you andy

Hi there If the fault is the stop lamp switch then it will fix your fault but I can't guarantee that the fault will reset when the ignition is switched on and off .If it doesn't then try disconnecting and re connecting the battery this should reset the control units . As I say I'm this may not be the fault but its the cheapest option for a quick fix Cheers Dave

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