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Merc-Dude, Mercedes Diagnostic Technician
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how do I reset my back seat headrests on my clk 430 convertable

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how do I reset my back seat headrests on my clk 430 convertable I must have hit a bump and now they won't go down so I can not put my top down
Hi there ,You will need to have the ignition on and hold the switch until you hear the click and crack of the head rest system reset and the head rests to lower.This can take a little longer than 8 Seconds Hope this Has Helped .Please click accept if you are Happy with my answer..Cheers Dave
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This is what I already tried it was in my owners manual to do that I am sure I held it longer than 8 seconds, When I called the dealer they said they could not tell me how to

reset the headrests that it took a special tool, I am a gearhead and have no problem working on cars if I know the trick, Is there anything else you suggest

thank you Joel

Hi there after you have pressed the button for over 8 seconds are you then pressing the down arrow right after to lower the head rests ,and are you hearing any mechanical noise when you have pressed up forover 8 seconds .I m just trying to evalute what is wrong with the system ,if its just needs a rest or there is something else wrong Cheers Dave
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the button iam pushing is the up down headrest button and holding it for 8 to 30 seconds there is a mechanical clicking noise when I push it with the key on but the motor not started is there another button to reset this system I should be pressing ?
Hi there after you have press the up button you then press the down button if the head rests dont go down then the system has a fault .It could be any number of things But you will need to have the roof control unit fault memory read to be sure .The only thing you can do at this point is to check the fuses .There are to fuses in the truck 11 and 13 , theres is also one under the hood fuse 15 this fuse is for roof control unit. Without any fault codes you will stuggle to find whats wrong you could check the pump and relay but it is buried under the carpet and a steel plate in the trunk and quite difficult to remove .If you attempt to check the pump replace the relay any way. Please click accept if ny answer has been helpful. Cheers Dave

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