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I have a 2005 Mercedes SLK 350. The CD/DVD player does not

Customer Question

I have a 2005 Mercedes SLK 350. The CD/DVD player does not work, it will not draw in or eject a disc. Ok, I can live with that if it can't be repaired without replacing the whole COMAND unit, which is what a dealer has told me, because I can always play my iPod through the AUX input. However, the radio sound now fades out completely as I am driving along. (It is not fitted with 'Sound System'.) It seems to correlate with having the lights on, but it has also done this during the daytime with the lights off. Any suggestions as to why this is happening and how to rectify the fault(s) without replacing the whole unit.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
Hello,do you know if the dealer checked for any updated programming for this command unit?When you say this has no sound system are you saying this doesn't have the amp package?Does the sound completely fade out and if it does does it come back on after a bit or do you have to cycle the key off and on for the sound to come back on?Is the I pod kit a factory installed kit or after market?Just trying to get a little more info to help as best as possible,Thanks Pete.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Pete, I only got the car six weeks ago so have no knowlege about updates for the Comand unit. My guess is probably not. By no 'Sound System' I meant it doesn't have the 'surround sound' gizmo that is the optional extra, it has Audio (radio) of course, Sat Nav and Aux, but nothing fancy in addition to that. As I said, the CD/DVD is dead. The radio has worked fine until just recently, then it started fading out to zero. I ran the car today and it happened after about 30 mins. If I turn up the volume control to max it comes back on for a bit then goes down to zero again. It seems to correlate to when the lights are put on, do you think it is just power saving because I have not used the car much over the snowy period? My iPod is an Apple Nano it just plugs into the Aux input socket, but it too suffers the same sound drop as the radio. Have just booked for a diagnostic at a local M-B dealership but they say a new Comand is VERY expensive!
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
O.K.,first of all when you get to the dealer ask them if they will check for updated software for this command unit,this might repair the sound fading but it wont correct the cd player concern,that concern would take a new command unit to correct that failure.Then if after the update(if one is available) have them check for sound issues then or you take the vehicle and drive it to see if the sound issues are present,if the problem is still there then there could be some other likely faults.Most of the Mercedes vehicles come with an amplifier even if they don't have the high grade premium sound system,these amps can fail commonly and cause this same problem you are having now,this would have to be tested by a dealer and their Mercedes SDS machine to see if that is what is at fault,this is a very common problem for the sound issues.Another common problem is if your vehicle has the factory i pod integration kit wired into your command,some of these kits had faulty wiring harnesses that caused sound issues in all modes(i pod,radio,cd,etc.)while at the dealer have them check your i pod kit number to see if it has the old style kit or the new style,it might be worth the money to have the new kit installed as this might correct the sound fading concern if your vehicle has the old kit.These are the most common problems for sound issues.First check for software upgrades,then the i pod kit upgrade and then if concern is still there check for an amp problem.On the command system,sometimes you can find these commands on line (E bay etc.) for a lot less money,if you did want to replace the command you might find one cheaper on line and the dealer can set up and program it to your vehicle to operate properly,I have had some customers that have done this before to save a lot of money.A new command can run anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on the unit but I have seen customers buy these on line for around $300 to $500 and I have programmed them to work in their vehicle.I hope this information helps,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Cheers XXXXX XXXXX gives me some more knowledge, and knowledge is power! I may forgo a new Comand unit if I can sort out the sound problem without too much expense. Mercedes are reluctant to help out smaller technical businesses with spare parts and don't repair the units themselves, so they are flexing their muscles to protect themselves. If I had spotted the fault sooner I might have bought a different car. Thanks for the advice, I will click the accept button. Best wishes.
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
Thanks and good luck as well,hope you can get it resolved,Thanks Pete.