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A160 , 2004 model, Auto gearbox. When pulling away in first

Customer Question

A160 , 2004 model, Auto gearbox. When pulling away in first gear, the drive seems to "slip" - like a clutch slip, picking up the revs rapidly, until the gearbos wsitched over to 2 nd...but no movement of the vehicle. Second to fifth gear seems to work OK when driving. When pulling away slowly, all seems to work normal.
There is quite a delay when stopping for the gearbox to select down to first gear - (about 5 seconds), and also when DRIVE is selected. Permanent orange engine light is on due to gearbox fault.
Any advice what may be wrong and how to repair? Are there external solenoids that needs replacing, or must the gearbox be opened?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 7 years ago.



When checking transfluid level on A-class a special dipstick must be used, which must be bought separately. If the level is not correct- transmission will not operate normally. So please make sure first of all, that the fluid level is precise. If needed, i can geto you instructions for this. Of course it is crucial that the fluid is of good quality and filter is not blocked. I suggest to replace the fluid and filter as a first step. It will also give you a picture, if any serious mechanical damage is present by metal shavings in the fluid.

Next step would involve transmission electronics check and reset with Star Diagnosis computer, to reset self-adaptations of the transmission control unit. It might be possible that one of the electrohydraulic valves in the tramsmission is broken. Once this is done, it will be possible to determine if any real mechanical damage is present.

If no electrical faults are detected- transmission will have to be overhauled. It is not uncommon for the the gear clutch cylinders to crack and leak, causing slippage of the respective gear.



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