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How do I replace Xenon headlight of Mercedes Benz S500 W220 2002

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How do I replace Xenon headlight of Mercedes Benz S500 W220 2002
To replace the xenon bulb you will have to remove the cover to the back of the headlight. Then you twist the bulb assembly out and remove the bulb with the ignitor. Then you can pull the bulb out. Do not touch the glass fo the new bulb or you will cause it to go bad sooner. Reinstall in the reverse order.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you. Actually, I meant I would like to replace the whole headlight assembly with new one. Could you let me know how?
Thanks again

Ohh ok,


There will be 8 or 10mm bolts on the top of the headlight assembly. remove those bolts and then you will have to remove the inner wheel well to access the bolt on the side of the headlamp assembly. remove this one and the headlight should slide out. If it is too tight to remove then you may have to loosen the front bumper by removing the t20 torx screw on the bracket that holds the bumper and the fender together (behind the fender and bumper joining area behind wheel weel cover) then slide the metal bracket away from the bumber and pull out. Now you can loosen the bumper for removal. Install in reverse order.

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