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I have a Mercedes 320 CLK with Comand and the bluetooth phone

Customer Question

I have a Mercedes 320 CLK with Comand and the bluetooth phone cradle, it was working fine but today the Comand has the message 'No Phone'. I have checked the bluetooth cradle, that's fine and the phone is connecting to the cradle so the problems somewhere within Comand, any ideas what I can try? Kevin
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
Hello,is this a phone cradle that you put your phone into or is it paired up wirelessly with your phone?,Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Pete, the cradle is the Mercedes part B67875877 which is a bluetooth cradle adaptor. It slots into the armrest instead of the original cradle B67875846 which was for a Nokia 6230. I got the new cradle adaptor added by MB Hertford instead of the cradle the car came with. The car was factory pre wired and fitted with the Nok,ia cradle.


To double check after I emailed you I swapped and put the old cradle back in, this worked fine before too but doesn't work either now. The problem can't be anything to do with bluetooth, the phones are connecting with the cradle as it says it is paired on the phone. The problem must be between the cradle and the comand.


The phone, udsing the bluetooth cradle worked fine yesterday morning but when I got back in the car the 'no phone' message came up, nothing happened other than I got out of the car, locked it then unlocked and got back in. Hard to see how the wiring failed in between times. The only other rthing is my wife said when she was using the car last Friday there was a constant quite loud clicking, like a relay or solenoid noise coming from around the back of the glovebox but when she drove back home it had stopped so she couldn't get me to listen to it. Everything was still working fine though at that point.



Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
i was leaning towards a pairing problem between your phone and the bluetooth but you have eliminated that concern,as i dont have the right answer for you i will have to opt out and see if anyone else has the right answer,sorry Pete