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2001 Mercedes E320: stereo..The system..CD player

Resolved Question:

We just purchased a 2001 Mercedes E320 that has an outdated stereo system. Radio with built in cassette tape deck. The console is wood grain and I would like to replace the entire panel with an updated audio system that has a CD player, maybe an IPOD adapter. This one has a built in phone keypad that is way old. Is this going to be a huge expensive project and it is even doable?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
Hello,are you tring to update the system with factory mercedes radio and ipod kit or just looking at aftermarket stuff?Is there a phone installed in the vehicle?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The phone keypad is there, but it has never been activated. There is also a very old on star button by the driver's side visor, but the previous owners never activated onstar either. I would like to replace the entire console with a factor Mercedes audio kit, but I didn't know if the wood grain would make that more difficult. It looks like the entire panel will come out. It is all one piece.
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
is there two slots at the bottom of the radio that looks like radio keys would slide into to release the radio?Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes--one is on the button that says tel on the far right and the other is on the opposite key.
Expert:  Pete replied 7 years ago.
ok,to remove this radio you will need special radio removal keys that all Mercedes dealers carry(you may be able to purchase these keys at a local parts store but im not to sure on that but im sure you can purchase them from a dealer).these keys slide in and will unlock the radio so it can be pulled out.I dont think you can upgrde this system with a factory mercedes cd radio but i know you can with an aftermarket radio that supports an ipod adapter kit that will have to be purchased aftermaket as well.There should also be a wiring adapter kit you can purchase aftermarket to plug into the radio existing harness to adapt to wire n the aftermarket radio.Some special coding may need to be done at a delear due to your radio you have now may have fiber opic cables going into it.I have seen many cars have this done before to upgrade their existing radio.I hope this helped,if you need anything else let me know,Thanks Pete
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