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1998 ML320: started making..dashboard..due with a broken vent or fan

Customer Question

My 1998 ML320 has started making a clicking sound that is coming from behind the center dashboard. The clicking sound starts when I insert the key and turn the power on even without starting the engine and continues even when the engine is running.

I was reading different posts online and some have suggested it has to due with a broken vent or fan? If so, where can I get information on how to take off the dashboard?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  mbfixer replied 7 years ago.
hello the clicking i think you are talking about coming from from center dash area, closer to passneger side of truck, this noise is inside the truck. this noise is normally from the stepper motor and or stepper motor linkage that is broken. this will be a clciking-poping noise every few seconds. try turning the climate system to the off postion, see if noise stops, then we will know if this is climate system related. the breaking of the stepper motor and or linkages is a very common problem with this model, the dash board cover will have to come off to gain access to these parts. hope this helps with MB scan tool you would be abe lt to test these stepper motor to see there are broken. let me know how to help some more be glad to help.