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Experience:  8 years experience with Mercedes Benz,Master Certifie and 3 years of road side technisian.
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Mercedes e320: my engine cooling fan dosent turn clutch..relay

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i have mercedes e320 1997 my engine cooling fan dosent turn on i replace fan clutch but still no luck wer is fan fuse location and relay
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
THE ACTUAL FAN CONNECTED TO THE ENGINE,TO COOL THE ENGINE SO IT DOENT OVER HEAT, my car is over heating i replace fan clutch and belt
that fan integraded to the engine doent have a fuse or a relay.
it turns on depending of the temperature in the actual clutch.
Your problem is most likely the water pump and the thermostate.
your thermostate is not opening and letting coolant go thru the engine. this is why your car is over heating.
MY RECOMENDATION dont worry about the fan,worry about the water pump,gasket and thermostate + gasket.IT wouldn't hurt also to replace the temperature sensor in the engine,by the thermostate.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i replace water pump ,thermostat,engine coolant sensor,fan clutch,belt,coolant tank cap and coolant sensor, poor new antifreez bleed air ( turn car on, turn heat on and on thermostat houzing is a hose wher i bleed air ) i never replace colant in crancase (block) the car is over heating between 80 and 100

The temperature is allow to go up to 90 F

you will see the fan turning.This fan gets actuated by temperature,the hotter the faster it will spin.

BUT, when the fan is spinning you could stop it then it means that is BAD.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
wat s bad? i dont understend u now thermostat ,fan clutch ,i cant stop fan when is turning (trie with news paper) fan is just turning one sped

Then if you couldnt stop it its fine,the fan clutch.right now is ingage with the engine.

Let the car run,just keep an eye on the temperature, make sure that you have heat caming out to the windshield.IF YOU DONT HAVE HEAT UP TO THE WINDSHIELD YOU HAVE AIR IN THE SYSTEM

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i have a heat very good heat



the temperature is acceptable up to 95F


Let the car run or better drive the car IT wont go 100F.if heat is caming out then the coolant is sirculating properly and the fan is running.when it actually overheating then you will defenetely hear that engine fan at full speed.

What you are telling me is withing spec.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
wat do i need to do then??? i replace a lot parts on cooling system cant found wat is wrong just cook my thermostat in water and is opening wat u truing to sae to me evryting u said i know but wer is problem ther

You have no problem,the temperature is not going at the RED in the instrument cluster or is it?

Engine hot,temperature up to 95F <OK

That fan is not going to go faster unless the temperature gauge is close to the RED in the cluster.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

,the temperature is not going at the RED in the instrument cluster ,but the temperatur was on 80 wenn i bought the car

yes maybe because the engine wasn't that hot.but is allow to go to 95F espesially in the summer time.On winter you will see than it keeps cooler around 80 to 85F.

When you drive is also going to came down a little,because the air cooling the radiator.

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