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2000 clk 230 Driver side seat wont move..movements work fine

Customer Question

2000 CLK 230
Driver side seat won't move forward or back, remainder of movements work fine.

Teperature and time displays are not clear, tries to display but only partially, unreadable.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  Stan replied 8 years ago.


Most likely the button for this adjustment is bad. Applying a bit more pressure might solve the problem. It's can also be confirmed by checking the actual values of the driver's door control unit with diagnostic computer. Also there is a separate seat adjustment control unit which can guide to the solution.

If the whole temperature and time displays are dark, the cause might lie in the burnt out illumination light bulbs of the instrument cluster, they can be replaced. But if some lcd lines are missing, the only cure is to replace the cluster. Unfortunately this is quite typical on MB clusters.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

1st time using this. This response is of no benefit. I already no this much.

Expert:  Stan replied 8 years ago.

Without further checks with diagnstic computer i can only speculate what can be wrong with the seat because there are two control units, hall sensors and electric motor involved.

I will opt out so that other experts could give any other knowledge they might have on the issues. The question will be open to others, and you can choose the answer which is acceptable to you.

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