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How do I remove my dash from my 98 ml320

Customer Question

how do I remove my dash from my 98 ml320
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  marcpod replied 8 years ago.

Welcome to just answer. You need to drop steering column first. Then the center console, then the instrument panel. I will start with the steering column.all you need to do is drop the column.

Removing and Installing Jacket Tube

Exploded View

Removing, Installing - Steps 1-13

Removing, Installing - Steps 14-21

Specifications, Steering Shaft

Specifications, Jacket Tube

Expert:  marcpod replied 8 years ago.

Or just get the steering wheel off to pull the inst. panel next step is the center console

AR68.20-P-2000GH Remove/Install Center Console

Remove, Install

1Remove armrest cover from center console
2Remove cover on gearshift lever
3Unscrew screws (2) from front of housing (1)
4.1Disconnect electrical connector on right and left rear power window switches (S21/15s1 and 821/15s2)

NOTE: Up to 31.08.01. Remove wiring harness from mount.

4.2Disconnect connector from floor in center console

NOTE: Up to 31.08.01: Remove wiring harness from mount.

5Unscrew screws (4) from rear of housing (1)
6Remove housing (1)


  • Set selector lever to position N
  • Installation: As of 01.09.01, ensure that air duct is installed tightly.

7Install in the reverse order

Expert:  marcpod replied 8 years ago.

If you accept this please hit the green payment tab. Bonuses are always appreciated. Thank you. Print this out right away please.


AR68.10-P-1000GH Remove/Install Instrument Panel


1Remove instrument panel bottom section (1()
2Remove A-pillar trim on left and right
3Remove upper section of air outlet panel (1)

  • Long wedge: See Special Tools below.

4Unscrew screws (3) from upper side of instrument panel
5Remove instrument cluster (A1 remove
6.1Disconnect sun sensor connector

NOTE: Only as of 01.09.01: Connector is located behind instrument cluster

7.1Remove Parktronic display

NOTE: Only with Parktronic system (PTS), Code 220a.

8.1Disconnect connector from actuator motor for air distribution flap

NOTE: Only as of 01.09.01: Connector is located at center air outlet nozzle on driver's side.

9.1Disconnect connector from temperature sensor

NOTE: Only as of 01.09.01: Connector is located on right side of center air outlet nozzle.

10Remove screws (9) from center of instrument panel
11Remove screws (4) from sides of instrument panel
12Remove instrument panel (2)

CAUTION: Danger of damaging instrument panel when removing and installing

13Install in the reverse order

Special Tools

Long Wedge P/N # XXXXX 589 03 59 00