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How to replace mercedes c230 headlight bulbs

Customer Question

how to replace mercedes c230 headlight bulbs
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  BigBob replied 8 years ago.


Lethal hazard from high voltage on xenon headlamps
  • Do not touch parts which conduct high voltages. Persons with active electronic implants (e.g. heart pacemakers) should never work on xenon headlamps.
1 Open hood and raise to vertical position
2 Unclip casing cover (2) and remove

NOTE: High beam (4) (E1e1, E2e1), side light and parking light (5) (E1e3, E2e3)

3 Unclip casing cover (1) and remove

NOTE: Low beam (6) (E1e2, E2e2), xenon headlamp low beam (E1e8, E2e8)

4 Turn base (3) and take off

NOTE: Turn signal indicator (E1e5, E2e5)

5 Disconnect electrical connector from relevant bulb

NOTE: Remove side light and base.

6 Open relevant bulb retaining clips

NOTE: If code (612b) xenon headlamp unit is fitted, press release lug (arrow) and turn bulb bayonet ring.

CAUTION: Installation: Pay attention to position of release lug relative to headlamp unit.

7 Remove bulb


  • Installation: Do not touch the glass of the bulb with bare fingers. Use a non-greasy, soft cloth.
  • Ensure bulb is correctly installed. If code (612b) xenon headlamp unit is fitted, recess (arrow) of xenon low beam bulb (7) must be pointing up.
8 Install in the reverse order
9 Perform function check

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