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1999 sl500: windows will not go up or down, roll bar will not go

Customer Question

1999 sl500, top will not work up or down, windows will not go up or down, roll bar will not go up or down. What is the solution and cost?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello Customer I need to get some more information if I can try to help, do the power windows work when you use the console switch to put them down? or do windows just not work when trying to use soft top? there is a soft top module located under passenger side storage compartment that I have replace many of these unit. these control units are expensive. does the soft top switch on console light up! does the soft top warning gong go off when car is in motion. they are alot of problems that go along with soft top, I would say if nothing works, we need to look at powers & grounds to soft top module!! I can help if you want will need a VIN # & a few minutes to do some research, I will try to give some wires to test with volt meter! if you want to continue, get me some info! I will be lookout for you reply, good luck talk to you soon!!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Windows will not work at all

Yes console switch for soft top does light up

yes gong goes off when car is in motion


Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello with the warning chime going off that is a indicator that one the safety micro switches is not locked, there is a manual way to test with ohm meter. that is a very difficult way to test, with MB tool will be very easy to find the micro switch on latch that is not functioning properly, I will say the most common failure i see of micro switch overhead on top of windshield esp after long winter with soft top not used on winter months!! i will look up some things later today to see if you can test manually, you will have to be really good with meter to find this problem!! get back to you soon! what fuses have you tested\checked, please let me know!! when you can. thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I actually changed all of the ones I thought may have something to do with the windows, roll bar or soft top ( under the hood and the trunk ). Thanks for all of your help. The main thing I wanted to try to stay away from is the $2300 soft top controller. I will wait for your next suggestion.
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello I meant for you to give me the actual number of the fuses you changed,. I think we should start over so I can get a clear picture of your problem!! the soft top does not work?? the warning chime goes off when driving, why is the warning chime going off, I think we should focus on that problem first!! the chime is going off because the control module does not think the soft top is latched\locked properly. this top has many micro switches that changes position as the top is opening & closing, the micro switches tell the control module the position of the top, does this makes sense or far!! so tell me when you drive the car forward the chime is going off & the soft top light is flashing, let me know if this is correct. this is a tough repair when car is in front of me!! so I will need to go slow!!
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello lets get the manual allen tool & go to both front soft top latches at the visor area in the car. let make sure both of these latches are locked, move\change the position of the latches one at a time, then drive the car see if warning chime stops!! when the chime is going off, means the soft top\hard top is not latched\locked down. we need to find the latch\locked that is malfunction. i would not buy any more parts for this car until you test. the only way i know how to do this test is with SDS tool. with this tool every latch & micro switch on the soft top can be seen in real time, I feel once the chime problem is repaired the soft top will work again, how long has it been since the top was actually used. have you check for fluid is soft reservoir, their is a relay that also goes bad. the soft top motor assembly is located in trunk under the spare tire cover. have you tried to resyn window, look at pages 77-80 in your owners manual!! be back later with fuses to test!! I do not think we have a fuse problem, with chime going off & soft top switch\light flashing!!
mbfixer and 2 other Mercedes Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You won't believe this but the top is working fine now and so are the windows and roll bar. Do I still have a problem? Thanks for your help.

Tommy C
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You won't believe this but the top is working fine now and so are the windows and roll bar. Do I still have a problem? Thanks for your help. Tommy C
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello that is good, sounds as if the micro switch that was not latched\properly seated either locked\unlocked?? I would continue to use soft top & just see what happens!! if top fails again just get manual tool, rotate-move front latches, these front latches fail alot also leak fluid, great job, I will be looking out for you if have any more questions,. so what did you do to get the soft top to work, maybe low battery, did you start the engine this time when putting top down.great job, have fun with your car!