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MB Paul
MB Paul, Mercedes Technician
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The van was damaged at the front end..bonnet..electrics

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I was resently in an accident in a vito van. The van was damaged at the front end. new bonnet wings and front panle etc. the boby work has been repaired and since a problem has arisen with electrics on the van. The dash lights flash on and off and the van looses power. I have had the van back to th e dealer and he is saying that the van now needs a new dash board. Because there is a computor board moulded into the dash and the only way to repair this is to put a new dash in to the van. Is this truly what would be required.



If the dash has failed then Mercedes can only supply as a complete instrument cluster.


however I know of a company that I have used many times that can repair in many cases. I have never had to send them a Vito cluster so cannot say for sure but if you contact this company they are very helpful:


If they can repair it will be considerably cheaper than a new cluster!


I hope this is of assistance.


Best regards, Paul

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi MB Paul.


When you say a cluster what do you mean. Do you have any idea were this cluster is. Do i have to sebt them the whole dash board.





the instrument cluster is the display with the speedo, gauges, ignition lights etc - I take it this is what you are reffering to?


regards, Paul

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

MB Paul.


Many thanks paul for your help.


I have gotten to the bottom of the problem. I have contacted the company you recommened and they may be able to sort this problem out.








excellent news!


please press accept & leave feedback if I have been of assistance.


Best regards, Paul

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