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mbfixer, Mercedes Technician
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Mercedes C230: I can hear the wiper motor come on when I turn

Customer Question

Mercedes C230, 1999. I can hear the wiper motor come on when I turn on the switch, but the wiper does not move. What should I check?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mercedes
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello Customer this is a common problem for the one wiper system, if the wiper motor & wiper transmission linkage are attached properly, you should not be able to move wiper arm across windshield easily!!! is wiper arm loose??? can you move it with you hands freely across windshield. if you can move wiper arm across glass then the wiper motor to wiper linkage has come apart, it is a small nut that has with stand alot of force ( wiper frozen to windshield in winter months) when reinstalling on linkage\nut I would recommend using LOCK TITE on nut, this will help nut from coming loose again. wiper motor & wiper linkages failures are very common issue with the model. also can be expensive so take your time working around windshield, you do not want to break the glass!! if this is the case I try to walk you through the steps to gain access to wiper motor\linkage area. the wiper system is located under the black plastic windshield cowling, we will have to take this apart to gain access to wiper motor!! let me know what you want to do from here. if wiper arm is tight & you can not move wiper arm across glass, I think you will still have to access the wiper motor\transmission (linkage) to see what has failed. good luck let me know how I can help some more! taking wife to dinner check back later!!
mbfixer and other Mercedes Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You can move the wiper across the windshield. I would like to know how to take apart to get to it. Looking forward to your reply.
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello good we know now that the motor is not attached the wiper transmission\linkage. we need to be really careful when taking apart, trying to save money & breaking a windshield will hurt!! on the bottom of the wiper arm is plastic cover remove this cover there is a 5 mm Allen bolt remove that bolt, now pull wiper blade & arm straight off do not let any thing fall, hold with firm grip!! now that wiper arm is off we can open hood, we need to take off black plastic cowl screen approx every 3 inches or so is a groove \tab push down on tab & pull up on cowl screen get both side of cowl off, one more piece of cowl to remove at the corners with 10mm plastic nut, in the middle of the cowl will Phillips screws remove all these screw, now cowl is loose & can be removed from car, carefull its plastic. now before you remove wiper motor assembly, look at motor carefull see how rubber seal sits on windshield,, make a mental note of that, improper reinstallation of motor with seal not positioned correctly will result in broken windshield.!!! now you can see motor assembly there will be several 10 mm bolts to remove, then follow wiper motor wire harness over to d\s fuse box (US CAR) remove wire harness from fuse box, lift motor & linkage assembly from car all one piece, now you should be able to see what part is missing. hopefully just one nut missing, buy MB dealer nut if missing, install nut with lock tite, you will have to park the motor & reset the wiper linkage in order for the wiper to function properly. I will try to explain plug the wiper motor in fuse box, & turn wiper motor on, cycle motor one time so motor parks that is rest position do not tun motor any more, now get wiper linkage & install wiper linkage so wiper arm sits correctly on bottom of d\s windshield (US CAR), then reinstall hold down nut with lock tite, may take several times to get just perfect, so take your time. while cowl is off please clean cowl drains they get plugged all the time cause lots of problems I know this is alot but it will go fast I tried to see if i had pictures i do not sorry!! let me know how i can help some more!!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you very much. Your directions were perfect. I know have it working again. However, I think the transmission might be bad. It works fine as long as I run on intermentent. But if I put on low after it wipes one or two times it gets out of wack and doesn't pull in and out correct and wiper gets in wrong position off the window. But what I have works perfect for now. Thank you very much. I will be coming back with all my questions.
Expert:  mbfixer replied 8 years ago.
Hello you are welcome try lubing the shaft where the 5 mm Allen bolt is!! when the wiper motor is on & getwiper to the middle of the windshield , turn the ignition key off stopping wiper in mid process, then you will see silver shaft put some wd 40 on that shaft. try not to get wd-40 on glass !! hope this helps!! good luck.

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